Eight Legged Freaks (PG-13) ★★

Review Date: July 18th, 2002

A toxic waste spill causes a bunch of exotic spiders in a small town to grow to the size of cars and terrorize its inhabitants.


A truck carrying hazardous materials accidentally drops one of its containers into a small lake, contaminating it and its delicate ecosystem. Trouble arises when the wacky town entomologist feeds his collection of exotic spiders contaminated crickets, which act as a sort of spider ''steroid.'' The result is a horde of giant, hairy spiders that prey on the town's unsuspecting inhabitants. Sheriff Sam Parker (Kari Wuhrer) doesn't believe her son Mike (Scott Terra) when he tries to warn her about what's going on, but blames his ''media-induced paranoid delusional nightmare'' on too much boob-tube watching. Then, when mining engineer Chris McCormick's (David Arquette) aunt gets spun--literally--into one of the spider's webs, he enlists the help of Sheriff Parker and paranoid radio announcer Harlan Griffin (Doug E. Doug) to fight off the eight-legged freaks. Armed only with rakes, ski poles and chainsaws, the townspeople fight off the spiders in a losing battle before Chris comes up with a master plan that will blow the arachnids to smithereens.


Prankster Arquette (See Spot Run) tones down his funnyman routine in Eight Legged Freaks and takes on the role of the humble hero. It's refreshing to see Arquette playing a more subdued character with less of a slapstick edge, although I half expected him to start yelling at people to ''dial straight down the center.'' As the sheriff, Wuhrer (Berserker) plays her dual role well as a headstrong single mother of two and the town leader. Sure, she looks a little too hot to be a chief law enforcement officer, but maybe some sheriffs really do look like that in small-town America. While the laughs may not have been coming from Arquette, there were enough to be had thanks to Doug, whose most memorable role to date has to be Sanka Coffie from the 1993 comedy Cool Runnings. His radio announcer in this film believes the government is conspiratorial and that the spiders are the alien invasion he has been warning people about for decades. Doug delivers some of the movie's funniest lines.


New Zealander Ellory Elkayem (Larger Than Life) wrote and directed Eight Legged Freaks, a sort of homage to mid-1950s B-movie sci-fi thrillers, like Tarantula or Earth vs. the Spider. But while these cult films were funny merely by accident--Tarantula director Jack Arnold probably wasn't being intentionally campy--Eight Legged Freaks at times seems to try too hard. Packing in one joke after another takes away from the spiders' scariness, making them seem more like a practical joke than a potentially annihilating threat. The special effects are extremely slick, however, and the spiders are well done, with techniques approaching those in the 1997 sci-fi actioner Starship Troopers (but none of the gigantic CGI spiders are as scary as the real-life tarantulas caged up in terrariums at the start of the movie). Although at 99 minutes the film moves quickly, the final scene in which the townspeople are being chased through a labyrinth of mining tunnels drags on a bit too long.

Bottom Line

Eight Legged Freaks is a simplistic and mildly entertaining movie that is bigger on laughs than scares, even if you are a true arachnophobe at heart.