Filmography: Terry-Thomas


The Vault of Horror (1973) (PG)Release Date: March 16, 1973
Cast: Dawn Addams, Tom Baker, Michael Craig, Denholm Elliott, Glynis Johns
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer: Al Feldstein, William M. Gaines


Twelve Plus One (Douze et un) (NR)Release Date: May 1, 1970
Cast: Sharon Tate, Vittorio Gassman, Orson Welles, Vittorio De Sica, Terry-Thomas
Director: Nicolas Gessner
Writer: Marc Behm, Nicolas Gessner


How to Murder Your Wife (1964) (NR)Release Date: January 26, 1965
Cast: Jack Lemmon, Virna Lisi, Eddie Mayehoff, Claire Trevor, Terry-Thomas
Director: Richard Quine
Writer: George Axelrod


It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (G)Release Date: November 7, 1963
Cast: Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman
Director: Stanley Kramer
Writer: Tania Rose


Bachelor Flat (1961) (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1961
Cast: Tuesday Weld, Richard Beymer, Terry-Thomas, Celeste Holm, Francesca Bellini
Director: Frank Tashlin
Writer: Frank Tashlin


I'm All Right, Jack (1959) (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1959
Cast: Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Richard Attenborough, Margaret Rutherford
Director: John Boulting
Writer: John Boulting


Private's Progress (NR)Release Date: July 23, 1956
Cast: Richard Attenborough, Ronald Adam, Dennis Price, Henry B. Longhurst, Terry-Thomas
Director: John Boulting
Writer: John Boulting, Alan Hackney

The Green Man (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1956
Cast: Alastair Sim, George Cole, Terry-Thomas, Jill Adams, Raymond Huntley
Director: Robert Day, Basil Dearden
Writer: Frank Launder, Sidney Gilliat


The Abominable Dr. Phibes (PG-13)Cast: Vincent Price, Joseph Cotten, Virginia North, Terry-Thomas, Sean Bury
Director: Robert Fuest
Writer: James Whiton, William Goldstein

Arabella ()Cast: Virna Lisi, James Fox, Margaret Rutherford, Terry-Thomas, Paola Borboni
Director: Mauro Bolognini

Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (G)Cast: Jerry Lewis, Terry-Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, Bernard Cribbins, Patricia Routledge
Director: Jerry Paris
Writer: Max Wilk

Eroi, Gli (PG)Cast: Rod Steiger, Rosanna Schiaffino, Claude Brasseur, Aldo Giuffrè, Terry-Thomas
Director: Duccio Tessari
Writer: Sergio Donati, René Havard

His and Hers (1961) (NR)Cast: Terry-Thomas, Janette Scott, Wilfrid Hyde-White
Director: Brian Desmond Hurst
Writer: Jan Englund, Robert Lowell

How Sweet It Is! (G)Cast: James Garner, Paul Lynde, Debbie Reynolds, Marcel Dalio, Maurice Ronet
Director: Jerry Paris
Writer: Muriel Resnik, Garry Marshall, Jerry Belson

Kill or Cure (NR)Cast: Terry-Thomas, Eric Sykes, Dennis Price
Director: George Pollock
Writer: David Pursall, Jack Seddon

The Naked Truth (1957) (NR)Cast: Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Peggy Mount, Shirley Eaton, Dennis Price
Director: Mario Zampi
Writer: Michael Pertwee

Robin Hood (1973) (G)Cast: Brian Bedford, Phil Harris, Peter Ustinov, Monica Evans, Andy Devine
Director: Wolfgang Reitherman
Writer: Larry Clemmons, Ken Anderson, Vance Gerry, Frank Thomas, Eric Cleworth, Julius Svendsen

School for Scoundrels (1959) (NR)Cast: Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Alastair Sim
Director: Robert Hamer
Writer: Stephen Potter, Patricia Moyes, Hal E. Chester

Tom Thumb (G)Cast: Russ Tamblyn, Alan Young, June Thorburn, Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers
Director: George Pal
Writer: Ladislas Fodor, Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm

Too Many Crooks (1959) (NR)Cast: Terry-Thomas, George Cole, Brenda De Banzie, Bernard Bresslaw, Sid James
Director: Mario Zampi
Writer: Jean Nery, Michael Pertwee