Filmography: Peter Cushing


Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell (R)Release Date: January 1, 2003
Cast: Peter Cushing, Shane Briant, Madeline Smith, David Prowse
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Anthony Hinds


Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride (R)Release Date: October 1, 1978
Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Michael Coles, William Franklyn, Freddie Jones
Director: Alan Gibson
Writer: Don Houghton


Land of the Minotaur (The Devil's Men) (PG)Release Date: June 1, 1977
Cast: Donald Pleasence, Peter Cushing, Luan Peters
Director: Kostas Karagiannis
Writer: Arthur Rowe

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (PG)Release Date: May 25, 1977
Cast: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing, Alec Guinness
Director: George Lucas
Writer: George Lucas


At the Earth's Core (1976) (PG)Release Date: July 1, 1976
Cast: Doug McClure, Peter Cushing, Caroline Munro, Cy Grant, Godfrey James
Director: Kevin Connor
Writer: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Milton Subotsky


The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula (NR)Release Date: October 6, 1974
Cast: Peter Cushing, David Chiang, Julie Ege, Robin Stewart, Szu Shih
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer: Don Houghton


And Now the Screaming Starts (R)Release Date: January 1, 1973
Cast: Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom, Patrick Magee
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer: Roger Marshall, David Case

The Creeping Flesh (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1973
Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Lorna Heilbron, George Benson, Kenneth J. Warren
Director: Freddie Francis
Writer: Peter Spenceley


Asylum (1972) (NR)Release Date: November 17, 1972
Cast: Peter Cushing, Britt Ekland, Herbert Lom, Patrick Magee, Barry Morse
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer: Robert Bloch

Dracula A.D. 1972 (PG)Release Date: November 11, 1972
Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Stephanie Beacham, Christopher Neame, Michael Coles
Director: Alan Gibson
Writer: Don Houghton

Horror Express (R)Release Date: January 1, 1972
Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alberto de Mendoza, Silvia Tortosa, Julio Peña
Director: Eugenio Martin
Writer: Arnaud d'Usseau, Julian Zimet


The Vampire Lovers (R)Release Date: October 4, 1970
Cast: Ingrid Pitt, Pippa Steele, Madeleine Smith, Peter Cushing, George Cole
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Writer: Tudor Gates, J Sheridan LeFanu, Harry Fine, Michael Style

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (PG-13)Release Date: February 11, 1970
Cast: Peter Cushing, Veronica Carlson, Freddie Jones, Simon Ward, Thorley Walters
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Bert Batt, Bert Batt


Dr. Who and the Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1966
Cast: Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, Ray Brooks, Andrew Keir, Roberta Tovey
Director: Gordon Flemyng


The Gorgon (NR)Release Date: February 17, 1965
Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Richard Pasco, Barbara Shelley, Michael Goodliffe
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: John Gilling, J. Llewellyn Devine

Dr. Who and the Daleks (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1965
Cast: Peter Cushing, Roy Castle, Jennie Linden
Director: Gordon Flemyng


The Brides of Dracula (1960) (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1960
Cast: Peter Cushing, Freda Jackson, Martita Hunt, Yvonne Monlaur, David Peel
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Peter Bryan, Edward Percy


The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959) (NR)Release Date: July 3, 1959
Cast: Peter Cushing, Andre Morell, Christopher Lee, Marla Landi, David Oxley
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Peter Bryan, Arthur Conan Doyle

The Mummy (1959) (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1959
Cast: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Yvonne Furneaux, Eddie Byrne, Felix Aylmer
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Jimmy Sangster


Horror of Dracula (1958) (NR)Release Date: June 1, 1958
Cast: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Michael Gough, Melissa Stribling, Carol Marsh
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Jimmy Sangster


The Curse of Frankenstein (NR)Release Date: June 25, 1957
Cast: Peter Cushing, Hazel Court, Robert Urquhart, Christopher Lee, Melvyn Hayes
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Jimmy Sangster, Mary Shelley


Magic Fire (NR)Release Date: March 29, 1956
Cast: Alan Badel, Rita Gam, Yvonne De Carlo, Carlos Thompson, Valentina Cortese
Director: William Dieterle
Writer: David T. Chantler, Ewald André Dupont


The End of the Affair (1954) (NR)Release Date: May 3, 1955
Cast: Deborah Kerr, Van Johnson, Peter Cushing
Director: Edward Dmytryk
Writer: Lenore J. Coffee, Graham Greene


The Abominable Snowman (NR)Cast: Forrest Tucker, Peter Cushing, Maureen Connell, Richard Wattis, Robert Brown
Director: Val Guest
Writer: Nigel Kneale

Arabian Adventure (NR)Cast: Christopher Lee, Milo O'Shea, Oliver Tobias, Emma Samms, Puneet Sira
Director: Kevin Connor
Writer: Brian Hayles

BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: Anastasia (NR)Cast: Charles Cameron, Bryan Coleman, Peter Cushing
Writer: Guy Bolton, Marcelle Maurette

The Beast Must Die (PG)Cast: Calvin Lockhart, Peter Cushing, Marlene Clark, Charles Gray, Anton Diffring
Director: Paul Annett
Writer: James Blish, Michael Winder

The Black Knight (NR)Cast: Alan Ladd, Patricia Medina, André Morell, Harry Andrews, Peter Cushing
Director: Tay Garnett
Writer: Alec Coppel, Dennis O'Keefe, Bryan Forbes

The Blood Beast Terror (G)Cast: Peter Cushing, Robert Flemyng
Director: Vernon Sewell
Writer: Peter Bryan

Carnage (1968) (R)Cast: Peter Cushing, Sue Lloyd, Noel Trevarthen, Kate O'Mara, David Lodge
Director: Robert Hartford-Davis
Writer: Derek Ford, Donald Ford

Cash on Demand (NR)Cast: Peter Cushing, André Morell, Richard Vernon, Norman Bird, Barry Lowe
Director: Quentin Lawrence
Writer: David T. Chantler, Lewis Greifer, Jacques Gillies

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (NR)Cast: Christopher Lee, Max Adrian, Ann Bell, Michael Gough, Jennifer Jayne
Director: Freddie Francis
Writer: Milton Subotsky

The Evil of Frankenstein (NR)Cast: Peter Cushing, Peter Woodthorpe, Duncan Lamont, Sandor Elès, Katy Wild
Director: Freddie Francis
Writer: Anthony Hinds

The Flesh and the Fiends ()Cast: Peter Cushing, June Laverick, Donald Pleasence, George Rose, Renee Houston
Director: John Gilling
Writer: John Gilling

Frankenstein Created Woman (NR)Cast: Peter Cushing, Susan Denberg, Thorley Walters, Robert Morris, Duncan Lamont
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Anthony Hinds

From Beyond the Grave (NR)Cast: Ian Bannen, Ian Carmichael, Peter Cushing, Diana Dors, Margaret Leighton
Director: Kevin Connor
Writer: R. Chetwynd-Hayes

Hamlet (1948) (NR)Cast: Lawrence Olivier, John Laurie, Esmond Knight, Anthony Quayle, Niall MacGinnis
Director: Laurence Olivier
Writer: William Shakespeare

The Hellfire Club (NR)Cast: Keith Michell, Adrienne Corri, Peter Cushing, Peter Arne, Kai Fischer
Director: Robert S. Baker, Monty Berman
Writer: Jimmy Sangster

House of the Long Shadows (NR)Cast: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Desi Arnaz Jr.
Director: Pete Walker
Writer: Michael Armstrong, Earl Derr Biggers

The House That Dripped Blood (PG)Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Nyree Dawn Porter, Denholm Elliott, Jon Pertwee
Director: Peter Duffell
Writer: Robert Bloch

I, Monster (NR)Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Mike Raven, Richard Hurndall, George Merritt
Director: Stephen Weeks
Writer: Robert Louis Stevenson, Milton Subotsky

Island of Terror ()Cast: Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, Carole Gray
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Edward Mann, Al Ramsen

Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (R)Cast: Peter Cushing, David Chiang, Julie Ege, Robin Stewart, Szu Shih
Director: Roy Ward Baker, Cheh Chang
Writer: Don Houghton

Legend of the Werewolf (NR)Cast: Peter Cushing, Ron Moody, Hugh Griffith, Roy Castle, David Rintoul
Director: Freddie Francis
Writer: Anthony Hinds

Madhouse (1974) (PG)Cast: Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Robert Quarry
Director: Jim Clark
Writer: Angus Hall, Ken Levison

The Man Who Finally Died (NR)Cast: Stanley Baker, Georgina Ward, Peter Cushing, Mai Zetterling, Eric Portman
Director: Quentin Lawrence
Writer: Lewis Greifer, Louis Marks

Mystery on Monster Island (Misterio en la isla de los monstruos) (NR)Cast: Terence Stamp, Peter Cushing, Ian Sera, David Hatton, Gasphar Ipua
Director: Juan Piquer Simón
Writer: Ron Gantman, Joaquín Grau

Nothing But the Night (PG)Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Diana Dors, Georgia Brown, Kaith Barron
Director: Peter Sasdy
Writer: Brian Hayles, John Blackburn

Satanic Rites of Dracula (NR)Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing
Director: Alan Gibson
Writer: Don Houghton

Scream and Scream Again (R)Cast: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alfred Marks, Christopher Matthews
Director: Gordon Hessler
Writer: Peter Saxon, Christopher Wicking

Tales From the Crypt (1972) (PG)Cast: Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Roy Dotrice, Richard Greene
Director: Freddie Francis

Time Without Pity (1957) (NR)Cast: Michael Redgrave, Ann Todd, Leo McKern, Paul Daneman, Peter Cushing
Director: Joseph Losey
Writer: Ben Barzman

Twins of Evil (1971) (R)Cast: Peter Cushing, Dennis Price, Mary Collinson, Madeleine Collinson, Isobel Black
Director: John Hough
Writer: Tudor Gates, Sheridan Le Fanu

The Uncanny (1977) (NR)Cast: Peter Cushing, Ray Milland, Joan Greenwood, Roland Culver, Susan Penhaligon
Director: Denis Héroux
Writer: Michel Parry

Violent Playground (NR)Cast: Stanley Baker, Anne Heywood, David McCallum, Peter Cushing, John Slater
Director: Basil Dearden
Writer: James Kennaway