Filmography: Marion Davies


Cain and Mabel (1936) (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1936
Cast: Marion Davies, Clark Gable, Allen Jenkins, Roscoe Karns, Roscoe Karns
Director: Lloyd Bacon
Writer: Laird Doyle


Going Hollywood (1933) (NR)Release Date: December 22, 1933
Cast: Marion Davies, Bing Crosby
Director: Raoul Walsh


Polly of the Circus (1932) (NR)Release Date: February 27, 1932
Cast: Marion Davies, C. Aubrey Smith, Clark Gable, Raymond Hatton, David Landau
Director: Alfred Santell
Writer: Laurence E. Johnson


The Florodora Girl (NR)Release Date: May 30, 1930
Cast: Marion Davies, Walter Catlett, Lawrence Gray, Louis John Bartels, Ilka Chase
Director: Harry Beaumont
Writer: Al Boasberg, Robert E. Hopkins

Not so Dumb (1930) (NR)Release Date: February 2, 1930
Cast: Marion Davies, Raymond Hackett, Elliott Nugent, Franklin Pangborn, Julia Faye
Director: King Vidor
Writer: Marc Connelly


Show People (1928) (NR)Release Date: November 11, 1928
Cast: William Haines, Marion Davies, Dell Henderson, Tenen Holtz, Paul Ralli
Director: King Vidor
Writer: Agnes Christine Johnston, Laurence Stallings

The Cardboard Lover (1928) (NR)Release Date: September 2, 1928
Cast: Marion Davies, Nils Asther, Jetta Goudal, Andrés de Segurola, Tenen Holtz
Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Writer: F. Hugh Herbert, Jacques Deval


The Fair Co-Ed (1927) (NR)Release Date: October 23, 1927
Cast: Marion Davies, Jane Winton, Johnny Mack Brown, Thelma Hill, Lillian Leighton
Director: Sam Wood
Writer: Byron Morgan, George Ade

The Red Mill (1927) (NR)Release Date: January 29, 1927
Cast: Marion Davies, Louise Fazenda, Owen Moore, George Siegmann, Karl Dane
Director: Roscoe Arbuckle
Writer: Henry Martyn Blossom


Little Old New York (NR)Release Date: August 1, 1923
Cast: Marion Davies, Stephen Carr, J.M. Kerrigan, Harrison Ford, Courtenay Foote
Director: Sidney Olcott
Writer: Luther Reed, Rida Johnson Young


When Knighthood Was in Flower (1922) (NR)Release Date: September 1, 1922
Cast: Marion Davies, Lyn Harding, Forrest Stanley, Theresa Maxwell Conover, Pedro de Cordoba
Director: Robert G. Vignola
Writer: Charles Major


The Bride's Play ()Cast: Marion Davies, John B. O'Brien, Frank Shannon, Wyndham Standing, Carl Miller
Director: George Terwilliger
Writer: Mildred Considine, Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne

Lights of Old Broadway ()Cast: Marion Davies, Conrad Nagel, Frank Currier
Director: Monta Bell
Writer: Carey Wilson

Page Miss Glory ()Cast: Marion Davies, Pat O'Brien
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Writer: Delmer Daves, Robert Lord

The Patsy (1928) (NR)Cast: Marion Davies, Orville Caldwell, Marie Dressler
Director: King Vidor