Road Trip (2000) (R) No Rating

Review Date: May 19th, 2000

It's no surprise that after the success of "American Pie," Hollywood

would try to cash in with a flood of raunchy teen comedies. What have we

brought upon ourselves?


This crude coming-of-age sex comedy is stocked with typical movie

college students, including a doe-eyed dude (Breckin Meyer) who

accidentally ships off a video of a recent infidelity to his

out-of-state girlfriend. The dude enlists the aid of his oddball college

chums in the titular trek across the states to retrieve the

incriminating cassette. Don't these kids ever study? This is a moronic

film whose target audience ranges from Beavis to Butt-head. Here we find

a home for all the fart and nerd jokes once thought banished to the '80s

with "Porky's" and "The Last American Virgin."


Though the roles are forgettable, it's hard not to be a little charmed

by this motley crew. As the narrator of the film, Tom Green goes from

being irritating to endearing. Meyer is sturdy enough in a role that

would have gone to John Cusack in a bygone era.


Todd Phillips isn't afraid to dive into the depths with feeble attempts

to shock (including a doobie-smoking grandpa and live-mouse-eating

Green). Phillips is obviously just paying his dues by pandering to an

adolescent audience and a studio hoping to make a buck from the raunchy

teen trend.

Bottom Line

Though this flick offers a few giggles, if you want raunchy, drunken

deflowering, you're better off renting "American Pie."