Held Up (PG-13) No Rating

Review Date: May 11th, 2000

Mike Dawson’s (Jamie Foxx) day goes from bad to worse as he gets dumped by his girl (Nia Long), has his new car stolen and ends up a hostage in a botched convenience store hold-up in this zany crime comedy. As if that’s not bad enough, his only hope is the sheriff’s department of a redneck town that can’t tell Jamie Foxx from Puff Daddy or Mike Tyson.


Jamie Foxx can’t keep his mouth shut, and that’s the best thing this film has going for it. Foxx’s mile-a-minute delivery offers 90% of the film’s out-loud laughs. Even after the premise has outlasted its welcome, he manages to rise above and keeps things energized. (Like when he thinks he’s been fatally wounded, only to find it was a cool ranch Dorito that caused the wound.) Unlike many other comedians, Foxx knows when to tone it down and play it real or let the other actors shine.


This is a forgettable tale, really just a vehicle to showcase Foxx’s talents. In that, it delivers.


Director Steve Rash is smart enough to let Foxx do his thing. He also squeezes some truly funny moments out of the urban black man in a one-horse-town situation. Unfortunately, the film rambles on too long and devolves into sentimental drivel.

Of Note

Jamie Foxx, who shot this film during the hiatus from his self-titled WB series, returns to his comedic roots after a stunning dramatic performance in last year’s "Any Given Sunday."

Bottom Line

No classic, but good for some laughs.


Starring Jamie Foxx, Nia Long, Barry Corbin and Jake Busey.

Directed by Steve Rash. Produced by Neal H. Moritz. Screenplay by Jeff Eastin. Released by Trimark Pictures.