Filmography: Terence Morgan


The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb ()Release Date: December 31, 1964
Cast: Terence Morgan, Ronald Howard, Fred Clark
Director: Michael Carreras


Always a Bride (NR)Release Date: May 27, 1954
Cast: Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan, Ronald Squire, James Hayter, Marie Lohr
Director: Ralph Smart
Writer: Peter Jones, Ralph Smart


Crash of Silence (Mandy) (NR)Release Date: February 23, 1953
Cast: Phyllis Calvert, Jack Hawkins, Terence Morgan, Godfrey Tearle, Mandy Miller
Director: Alexander Mackendrick, Fred F. Sear
Writer: Nigel Balchin, Hilda Lewis


Captain Horatio Hornblower (NR)Release Date: September 13, 1951
Cast: Gregory Peck, Virginia Mayo, Robert Beatty, Moultrie Kelsall, Terence Morgan
Director: Raoul Walsh
Writer: C.S. Forester


Capital Tales: Street Corner (NR)Cast: Anne Crawford, Peggy Cummins, Rosamund John, Terence Morgan
Director: Muriel Box

I cavalieri dell'illusione (NR)Cast: Hedy Lamarr, Gérard Oury, Terence Morgan
Director: Marc Allégret

It Started in Paradise ()Cast: Jane Hylton, Ian Hunter, Terence Morgan
Director: Compton Bennett

The Lifetaker (NR)Cast: Terence Morgan, Peter Duncan, Lea Brodie, Dimitris Andreas, Paul Beech
Director: Michael Papas
Writer: Michael Papas

The Shakedown (1960) ()Cast: Terence Morgan, Hazel Court, Donald Pleasence, Bill Owen, Robert Beatty
Director: John Lemont
Writer: Leigh Vance

Tread Softly Stranger (NR)Cast: Diana Dors, George Baker, Terence Morgan, Patrick Allen, Jane Griffiths
Director: Gordon Parry
Writer: Jack Popplewell, George Minter

Turn the Key Softly ()Cast: Yvonne Mitchell, Terence Morgan, Joan Collins, Kathleen Harrison
Director: Jack Lee