Filmography: Mary Merrall


The Obsessed (1951) (NR)Release Date: February 5, 1952
Cast: David Farrar, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Roland Culver, Jean Cadell, Mary Merrall
Director: Maurice Elvey
Writer: William Dinnie, David Evans


Pink String and Sealing Wax (NR)Release Date: October 2, 1950
Cast: Mervyn Johns, Googie Withers, Gordon Jackson, Jean Ireland, Sally Ann Howes
Director: Robert Hamer
Writer: Roland Pertwee, Diana Morgan


Dead of Night (1945) (NR)Release Date: June 28, 1946
Cast: Mervyn Johns, Roland Culver, Mary Merrall, Googie Withers, Michael Redgrave
Director: Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichto
Writer: H.G. Wells, E.F. Benson, John Baines, Angus MacPhail


Duel in the Jungle (NR)Cast: Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain, David Farrar, Patrick Barr, George Coulouris
Director: George Marshall
Writer: S.K. Kennedy, Samuel Marx

It's Great to Be Young! (NR)Cast: John Mills, Cecil Parker, John Salew, Elizabeth Kentish, Mona Washbourne
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Ted Willis

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (NR)Cast: Cedric Hardwicke, Stanley Holloway, Alfred Drayton, Cyril Fletcher, Bernard Miles
Director: Alberto Cavalcanti
Writer: Charles Dickens, John Dighton

Love on the Dole (NR)Cast: Deborah Kerr, Clifford Evans, George Carney, Mary Merrall, Geoffrey Hibbert
Director: John Baxter
Writer: Walter Greenwood, Ronald Gow, Barbara K. Emary, Rollo Gamble

They Made Me a Fugitive (NR)Cast: Sally Gray, Trevor Howard, Griffith Jones, René Ray, Mary Merrall
Director: Alberto Cavalcanti
Writer: Jackson Budd, Noel Langley