Filmography: Leslie Easterbrook


The Neighborhood ()Release Date: August 18, 2017
Cast: Leslie Easterbrook, Franco Nero, Maureen McCormick, Armand Assante, Michael Pare
Director: Frank D'Angelo
Writer: Frank D'Angelo


Nightlights (NR)Release Date: November 4, 2016
Cast: Shawna Waldron, Stephen Louis Grush, Leslie Easterbrook, Jeff Garretson, Kate Black-Spence
Director: David Midell
Writer: Nick Izzo, Adam Dick

Greater (PG)Release Date: August 26, 2016
Cast: Christopher SeverioNeal McDonough, Leslie Easterbrook, Michael Parks, Nick Searcy, M.C. Gainey
Director: David Hunt
Writer: Brian Reindl, David Hunt


The Afflicted (NR)Release Date: October 21, 2011
Cast: Leslie Easterbrook, Kane Hodder, J.D. Hart, Michele Grey, Katie Holland
Director: Jason Stoddard

Rift (2011) (NR)Release Date: May 15, 2011
Cast: Leslie Easterbrook, Richmond Arquette, Tom Wright, Darcy Fowers, Ali Costello
Director: LazRael Lison
Writer: LazRael Lison


House (2008) (R)Release Date: November 7, 2008
Cast: Michael Madsen, Allana Bale, J.P. Davis, Reynaldo Rosales, Bill Moseley
Director: Robby Henson
Writer: Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, Rob Green


The Devil's Rejects (R)Release Date: July 22, 2005
Cast: Bill Mosely, Sid Haig, Karen Black, Sheri Moon, William Forsythe
Director: Rob Zombie
Writer: Rob Zombie


Police Academy (R)Release Date: May 23, 1984
Cast: Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, G.W. Bailey, Bubba Smith, George Gaynes
Director: Hugh Wilson
Writer: Neal Israel, Pat Proft, Hugh Wilson


The Baby Pact ()Cast: Haylie Duff, Gail O'Grady, Leslie Easterbrook, Chase Masterson, Scott Michael Campbell
Director: Matt Berman
Writer: Matt Berman

Beast Mode ()Cast: C. Thomas Howell, Ray Wise, Leslie Easterbrook, James Hong, Adam Zastrow
Director: Chris W. Freeman, Spain Willingham
Writer: Drew Fortune, Chris W. Freeman

Find Me (2012) (NR)Cast: Elizabeta Vidovic, Kathryn Michell, Adam Huss, Leslie Easterbrook
Director: Katarina Rue
Writer: Gabrielle Utsey

Hollywood & Wine (R)Cast: Pamela Anderson, Jeremy London, Vivica A. Fox, Leslie Easterbrook, Colleen Camp
Director: Matt Berman, Kevin P. Farley
Writer: Matt Berman, Jennifer Farley

A Little Christmas Business (NR)Cast: Daniel Baldwin, Tammy Barr, Lorenzo Lamas, Bo Hopkins, Leslie Easterbrook
Director: Chuck Walker
Writer: Chuck Walker

The Wedding Pact (NR)Cast: Haylie Duff, Chris Soldevilla, Leslie Easterbrook, Alison Becker, Angie Everhart
Director: Matt Berman
Writer: Matt Berman