Filmography: Fay Compton


Odd Man Out (1947) (NR)Release Date: April 23, 1947
Cast: James Mason, Fay Compton, William Hartnell, Robert Newton, Cyril Cusack
Director: Carol Reed
Writer: F.L. Green


Waltzes from Vienna (1933) (NR)Release Date: January 1, 1933
Cast: Esmond Knight, Jessie Matthews, Edmund Gwenn, Fay Compton, Frank Vosper
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writer: Guy Bolton, Heinz Reichert


Autumn Crocus ()Cast: Ivor Novello, Fay Compton, Muriel Aked
Director: Basil Dean
Writer: Dorothy Farnum, Dodie Smith

The Battle of Gallipoli (Tell England) (NR)Cast: Fay Compton, Tony Bruce, Carl Harbord, Dennis Hoey
Director: Anthony Asquith, Geoffrey Barkas

The Haunting (1963) (NR)Cast: Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson, Russ Tamblyn, Fay Compton
Director: Robert Wise
Writer: Shirley Jackson, Nelson Gidding

I Start Counting (NR)Cast: Jenny Agutter, Bryan Marshall, Clare Sutcliffe, Simon Ward, Gregory Phillips
Director: David Greene
Writer: Audrey Erskine-Lindop

Laughter in Paradise (NR)Cast: Alastair Sim, Fay Compton, Guy Middleton, George Cole, Hugh Griffith
Director: Mario Zampi
Writer: Jack Davies, Michael Pertwee

London Belongs to Me (1948) (NR)Cast: Richard Attenborough, Alastair Sim, Fay Compton, Stephen Murray, Wylie Watson
Director: Sidney Gilliat
Writer: Norman Collins. Sidney Gilliat

The Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots ()Cast: Gerald Ames, Fay Compton, John Stuart, Ellen Compton
Director: Denison Clift
Writer: Denison Clift

The Prime Minister (NR)Cast: John Gielgud, Diana Wynyard, Will Fyffe, Owen Nares, Fay Compton
Director: Thorold Dickinson
Writer: Michael Hogan, Brock Williams

Robinson Crusoe (1927) (NR)Cast: Fay Compton, Reginald Fox, Herbert Waithe, M.A. Wetherell
Director: M.A. Wetherell
Writer: M.A. Wetherell, Daniel Defoe

Uncle Vanya (1963) (NR)Cast: Michael redgrave, Max Adrian, Lewis Casson, Fay Compton, Rosemary Harris
Director: Stuart Burge
Writer: Anton Chekhov, Constance Garnett